Do you have a story to tell? Here are some tips and questions to ask yourself to make sure you write with impact!

To write with impact is to write with purpose! Before you put your pen to paper or digits to a device, read these 3 golden nuggets of advice.


  1. Why are you writing? 

Why are you set on writing this piece? Is it to help inform people about a cause or issue? Is it to tell a story yet untold? Whatever your reasoning, knowing what you are trying to achieve will help you achieve it. If you can think about what your idea of a success would be too, that will help you focus.

      2. Who is your audience?

Think about who your audience will be. How old are they and how much do they already know about the subject? It’s important to know who you are writing for so you can tailor what your writing.

     3. Write for speaking!

When writing dialogue, write as though the words should be spoken not how they should be read. It seems obvious but it’s a skill that should be practised. This is a key difference between writing a storybook and a screenplay.





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