Watch 'Pure' - our £1k Challenge Christmas film - National Youth Film Academy

Watch ‘Pure’ – our £1k Challenge Christmas film


Written and Directed by Frankie Fairbrass

The story we want to tell is about a family that, no matter how hard they try, won’t be all together this Christmas. They have lost something, the joy from the holidays has seemingly disappeared. This will be the first Christmas without their father.

Joshua and his family are struggling to handle their grief as it manifests in many different forms; in their behaviour, denial, anger, sadness, and in special totems. Through a raw character study that really highlights the issues presented in this piece as well as showcasing opportunities for pure drama married with magic realism, “Pure” can be a very unique piece  with very real and poignant moments.

“Pure” is a light in the dark – we want to make it with the intent to show that even though the hardest times, we can get better, and we can still love among such feelings of loss. We want to tell a story that resonates with people going through such tough times over the festive period – this family is grieving, and so will many real families this year – it’s the sad truth. A few members of the cast and crew, in fact, will be experiencing this very situation this year. This is a very important project for us that we want to make right, for the people we have lost and for anyone in these places.” 

Pure was made as part of the £1K Challenge

Every 3 months we challenge our Members to develop a film concept where we award them funding to make their dream a reality. Director Frankie Fairbrass was our latest winner with his short film Pure. 

Cast and Crew of Pure

Actor – JOSHUA (Sam Bluett)

Actor – ALIZA (Rosie Osborne)

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