Meet Brad

He joined the National Youth Film Academy this Easter during the #SetReady course. Since then Brad has used his skills to get him a place working as movie making instructor and videographer on a Summer camp…

“I got involved with the camp through the agency who guided me through the process of my application. As I am an aspiring filmmaker I was appointed the role of movie making instructor and videographer for the camp. So far I have made 2 videos for the camp highlighting how fun and exciting it is for the campers. When I did the course it was great to meet new people who wanted to make it in the film industry, I have recently worked with a number of new members on my latest short film which has been really successful! In the future I plan to gain work experience on feature film sets as a runner and continue to direct and produce short films as I aspire to write and direct.”

Everyone here at NYFA are really excited for Brad and his future endeavours. We can’t wait to catch up with him again soon to find out about his career in film. Good luck with the movie making!

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