Siannae Anderson has bagged herself a lead role in #StatusofMind.

Siannae joined us on our Easter 2018 #SetReady course and is now represented by the National Youth Film Academy Agency.

Check out #StatusofMind:

In Siannae’s words:

“I was really shocked because I didn’t read for the lead role. I knew the audition went well, but I didn’t expect them to cast two female leads.”

“The film explores social issues such as bullying and mental health on social media. Matt brings to light and marries two very necessary topics together. It’s a special piece.”

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First, you have to complete our #SetReady course. Here, you prove you have the right talent and attitude to make it in the film industry by working in groups to produce a short film in 10 days and attend workshops / master classes with industry professionals.

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