#SetReady Course

The people I met I will know and work with for life, and I am grateful for National Youth Film Academy giving us the opportunity to work together on the course and in the future.
Elizabeth Cassidy. Alumni

Are you #SetReady to work in film?

The National Youth Film Academy is dedicated to giving you the best possible opportunity to succeed in the film industry.

The National Youth Film Academy #SetReady Course is not designed to teach you how to make film but to inspire you to make the right choices to develop a career in this competitive industry. During our #SetReady Course you will be given ten days to train in your chosen field, learn from respected industry professionals and meet with like-minded individuals to write and produce your own original short film. Your film will then be screened in front of your peers, family and friends at a local cinema.

The cost of the course is £1200. We do offer bursary and scholarship places for those who cannot afford these fees. It’s also worth noting that accommodation and additional items (such as family screening tickets) are not covered by the course fee.

To find a detailed breakdown of the costs to attend the SetReady course, and how we help those that cannot afford it, please apply below to download our course brochure.

The purpose of this course is for us to identify your talents as a Filmmaker or Actor. At the end of your ten days, you will be assessed based on your ability to work as a professional under pressure and alongside your creative team. You must pass the #SetReady Course before being offered the benefits of a National Youth Film Academy member and/or take part in our Emerging Brits.

At a Glance:

What you will walk away with:

  • Masterclasses with Top Industry Mentors
  • Showcase of your original short film
  • Showreel Footage
  • Representation by our feeder Agency (Actors)
  • Help with job placements (Filmmakers)


  • Actor
  • Assistant Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Composer
  • Crew
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Writer
Make it Happen
#SetReady Course
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Previous Mentors:

John Connors
Cardboard Gangsters
Jane Gull
My Feral Heart
Simon Bird
The Inbetweeners
Joseph A. Adesunloye
Writer/ Director
White Colour Black
Gareth Edwards
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Iain Canning
Jason Flemyng
Phil Meheux
Casino Royale
Matt Milne
Jonathan Firth
Karen Lindsay Stewart
Casting Director
Harry Potter
Paul Alexander
Red Dwarf
Lou Kneath
Creative Consultant and character animator
Richard Godfrey
Location Manager
The Inbetweeners Movie
Herbert Wise
I, Claudius
Sean Gascoigne
United Agents
Matt Smith
Lionsgate U.K
Hugo Luczyc - Wyhowski
Production Designer
Shane Collins
Shane Collins Associates

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