School Reviews: The Lakes College in Cumbria

The National Youth Film Academy has been inspiring the next generation of actors and filmmakers in the Lake District.

Yvette Embleton, Educational Outreach Officer for the organisation, visited The Lakes College in Workington earlier this week for a workshop on breaking into the film industry after education.

The session was attended by over 50 art, graphics and photography students who found advice and guidance regarding job applications and opportunities, workshops, apprenticeships and the role of the National Youth Film Academy within industry.

Yvette was accompanied by industry professional Lou Kneath who is a Creative Consultant and character animator.

Lou is an Animation Mentor Alumni who has worked as a character animator for Cbeebies TV productions and went on to found Cloudscape Animation Studios in Cumbria, producing award winning campaigns for big brands across the country.

Rachel Melton, Lead Work Placement Coordinator at The Lakes College, said: “It was such a fantastic opportunity to have professionals like Yvette and Lou come into college to share their knowledge.”

“Our students often perceive the film industry as out of their reach due to our location but this session has certainly changed their opinion of that.”

Morganna, an art student at the college, added: “The session helped me realise the importance of people skills and making both yourself and your passion for what you do known.”

“A wider range of possibilities in the film industry were made known to us and gave us confidence in moving into industry with the knowledge that moving up the career ladder is based on those skills, desire to succeed and networking as well as educational background.”

For more information about opportunities for schools, colleges and universities with the National Youth Film Academy give the team a call on 0191 348 0137 or email

Find out more about the Lake College here.


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