Our Aftercare team have landed work for Members Jordan Gifford and Shayan Ali on Guy Richie’s Toff Guys!

Last week Jordan and Shayan worked as Location Marshals of the set of Guy Richie’s latest film which stars Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey and Colin Farrell!

As a Location Marshal it’s your responsibility to make sure members of the public don’t make their way onto the film set or end up in shot. It can be long hours but who really minds when your work on huge films!

In Shayan’s Words

“I saw Jenna’s post on the NYFA members group for an opportunity to work on Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film Toff Guys. I’ve loved the Sherlock Holmes films, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and can not wait for the live action Aladdin film to come out next year, so naturally I couldn’t let the opportunity go.

The set was in Slough, but I drive so getting there was easy. The day’s duties were very different from the usual work I’ve done as a location marshal i.e. there was no public engagement as they were still building the set where most of the film will be shot.

The day mainly involved a lot of DIY work, making sure the location is well prepped and safe, and putting up a lot of signage. It’s a different side to film making but one that’s given me an equally unique insight to the whole process.

I’m really thankful to the NYFA team, Jenna in particular, for sorting out this opportunity for me so swiftly and smoothly.

I had a really good time on set and everyone was really friendly and professional to work with. I’ve now been asked by the locations department to come and work with them again for a longer period this time which I’m very glad about.

I’ve had an amazing learning experience, chance to network, make contacts in the film industry and officially be part of a Guy Ritchie film, I’d say that’s pretty decent for a day’s work!”

Congrats to Jordan and Shayan, we hope you had a blast! An amazing addition to your CV thanks to the Aftercare team at the National Youth Film Academy.


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