Member Lands Work With Duck Productions

With help from our Talent Team, National Youth Film Academy member Vlad Cocos landed work as a Runner with Duck Productions.

The role was a fantastic opportunity for Vlad to develop himself, and his skills, both professionally and personally.

Vlad said;

Working as a runner for Duck Productions for three days has been an amazing opportunity. The crew, formed out of the producer, the director of photography and a camera operator / editor, made me feel welcome quickly by offering me support and trust from the very first day. This fast established connection is an important asset on every film set, as I have learned from this experience. It provides a smooth shoot and a friendly atmosphere, which are crucial. 

My tasks included, but were not limited to carrying equipment, changing lenses and batteries and using the reflector disk at certain times for a better lighting. 

Overall, I consider this experience very useful and full of insights in the industry that will definitely help me on my journey.

Vlad Cocos, Member

Well done Vlad!

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