It’s with great pleasure we can now announce that the winner of our latest £1K Challenge is Max Albrecht!

In Max’s Words

“I’m stunned! I knew the idea was quite ‘out there’ so I’m happy beyond words the National Youth Film Academy are backing the project and funding it. It feels good to be believed in.”
“The film is about a night in the life of a demon-hunting guitarist who has trouble keeping his two jobs apart. Which doesn’t bode well for his housemate. I’m not going to say more than that because I don’t want to spoil it.”
Max now has 3 months to bring his script to life. Max’s cast and crew must be made up solely of National Youth Film Academy Members.
Best of luck to Max and the cast and crew of Jester, we can’t wait to see the final film!
Keep an eye out for more news from our first £1K winner, Lara Cooper-Chadwick!
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