NYFA Easter Course & After-care Review: Lara Cooper-Chadwick

NYFA Easter Course & Aftercare Review: Lara Cooper-Chadwick

Meet Lara

In the Easter of 2017, Actress, Lara Cooper-Chadwick had the pleasure of doing our #SetReady Course 

She is currently studying Drama in London but has been accompanying her studies by acting. She has big plans for the future.

How did you find the course?

“For me, it was a really great experience. I figured out how collaborative film can be. It was a really good way of getting in to film as young person. Especially when you otherwise might not have necessarily known how to.”

How did you find the transition with NYFA from the course to becoming an actress?

“It’s supported all the other things that I have going on. After you graduate from the course you might be offered to be put through into the agency. With that, I was able to be put forward for auditions and I was able to have some of my first professional jobs – which included starring in a music video”

What would be your dream role?

“I want to carry on with film/TV, but specifically period and historical dramas. I want to explore a fantasy niche as well. Anything Game of Thrones would be great or Lord of the Rings-esque.” 

Would you recommend NYFA to others wanting to start out in film?

“Yeah. I definitely would. It’s a really great experience and helps you break into film”


If you’re an actor like Lara and want to be put forward for great auditions to kick-start your career, then apply for our course today!

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