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Jester: 1K Challenge Film

We’re pleased to share the trailer for Max Albrecht’s Jester, the winner of our latest 1K Challenge.

Max won the 1K Challenge with his script for Jester in December 2018, and enlisted National Youth Film Academy members as cast and crew to help bring his short film to life over 3 months.

Max said;

The film is about a night in the life of a demon-hunting guitarist who has trouble keeping his two jobs apart, which doesn’t bode well for his housemate.

The team’s resourcefulness has known no bounds, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity offered by those who volunteered their assistance on location.

The cast really did their homework in preparation of the shoots and the immediate dynamic the actors and their characters shared on set really elevated their performance.

Meanwhile, the crew demonstrated outstanding skill, stamina, and ongoing enthusiasm throughout the production.

Their inventive problem-solving really has made the impossible possible, and I am deeply moved to see the concept of the original screenplay realised onscreen through the hard work of such talented individuals.

Max Albrecht, Writer and Director

Zahava Hill, Producer and National Youth Film Academy member, said;

The team faced an immense challenge over the three months, but with a positive and talented group we were able to create a film that we are really proud of.

Zahava Hill, Producer

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