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A reliable and personable university graduate who is willing to do anything in order to gain experience. As a Film and Television Production graduate, I have gained experience working on practical assignments such as live television shows, documentaries and short films which have all helped in developing my team working skills as I learned to work well as a group in order to achieve the same goal. Due to these experiences, along with the time I’ve spent working in casting offices, I have become fascinated by actors and the whole process of acting which is why I would love to work in a talent agency. I am a hard-working person who is always willing to learn new things in order to improve myself. I am very passionate about this industry and will work hard and do anything that is asked of me to do.

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Work History

Call Centre Agent

Active Securities

Dec 2016 - Jul 2017

In this 8 month experience, I spent all of my days working on the phone speaking to all kinds of people all over the country. I am now completely confident in phone conversations and I believe it is an area that I thrive in. I was also able to take on quite a lot of responsibility in this role as I ended up being the most experienced in my role. I was in charge of training people which is something that I thoroughly enjoyed as well as having to delegate on certain occasions. I will be able to take what I’ve learnt in this job and apply it to future employment.

Casting Assistant

Amy Hubbard Casting

Aug 2016 - Oct 2016

During my internship at the casting office of Amy Hubbard, I gained invaluable experience learning from and working with true professionals in the film industry. The time spent at this office allowed me to have various amounts of responsibility as I was entrusted with small jobs such as office maintenance along with creative tasks such as doing character breakdowns and uploading audition tapes. During my second time spent in this office, I was able to take on more responsibility which included calling in sessions as well as creating deal memos. I was tasked with a lot of responsibility during my time in this office and I believe I have gained key skills that I will take into future jobs, the most important being my ability to handle people on the phone as well as dealing with people in face to face situations.

Casting Assistant

Kristine Erdely Casting

May 2016 - Jul 2016

During my time at Kristina Erdely’s office, I have further developed my skills, the most important one being my people skills. I talk to agents on a daily basis at the office and I feel my confidence growing everyday because of that. I have spent a lot of time creating lists of British and American based actors which is widening my knowledge and passion for this industry even further. My experiences in this office have allowed me to learn everyday from important people in this industry.

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