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I am 22 years old, and I am new and raw to acting, I am an elite athlete (team GB olympic trials) making the tranisiton from athlete to actor after years of considering acting whilst doing sports, I have decided to chase it and take the plunge. I am currently studying banking and finance at Loughborough university, and the only acting experience I have ever had is doing an audition this summer for the NYFA where I was luckily selected to be an actor for the 2019 easter course. I have started acting courses and training between then and now. Also, as a youth I was involved with gangs and crime before I used studies and sports to get myself out of that life (no crimimal record) and I also was raised in a family with military history (royal marines). Therefore, to my acting I can bring unique knowledge of being an athlete and performing to a high level under exteme pressure, an understanding of how gang culture really works and how graphic that world really is, and an extensive knowledge of the military and firearms.

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