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NYFA Reviews: Matt Butler gets work with GetFilm


Meet Matt Butler, he participated in the #SetReady 2018 course.

Recently, our talent executive, Jenna Shaw, helped him get some paid work experience with the commercial film company ‘GetFilm’. This week, we caught up with Matt to learn a bit about him and how he found his work day.

What is your preferred role in the film industry?

“It would have to be either Visual Effects or Cinematography.”

What are your future plans?

“My hopes for the future is that I’m able to do media production full time, any kind of filmmaking work that would allow me to support my own projects.”

What are you up to at the moment?

“I’m currently studying Film and TV production and have just finished my first year in college.”

What did think of the course?

“So I found out about this course on Instagram and just thought what could go wrong and applied. I found the course interesting especially with what people created in the ten days we were there and it taught me that time management on set is key.”

What was your favourite part of the course?

“My favourite part about this course (Gareth Edwards) was probably seeing what it is like working with other people and not being in control of all the aspects of a project, which ties into what I learnt about working in a group and that is everyone should stick to their own roles especially on a set and have confidence in each other. I learnt a lot from all sorts of master classes and it was a great experience. “

How did you find working with GetFilm?

“So my first time working with GetFilm was doing a wedding in Shropshire, I was walking around all day capturing shots and getting the full coverage of speeches and ceremonies. Long story short I was relieved to get back at 1am. But, valued the experience as it was something I had never done before or thought about doing.”

What did you learn from working with GetFilm?

“I learned that you have to be prepared to always be on your feet ready to capture footage that the client might want or need for the shoot. In terms of making me set ready, it actually showed me an environment completely different to a set. We were able to move round capture shots we think the client would like allowing for a lot of flexibility when shooting and freedom in terms of shot choice all while following a brief. My favourite part of the wedding shoot like all best parts of a wedding was the food. But, seriously, I did enjoy getting shots. It gave me a chance to practice my cinematography in a situation I’d never been in before.”