Trailers for Emerging Brits films released, ahead of London premiere - National Youth Film Academy

Trailers for Emerging Brits films released, ahead of London premiere

Watch our Emerging Brits 2020 Trailers

The trailers for the upcoming Emerging Brits films have been released, ahead of their London premiere next year.

The three short films include Solvi (dir. Joseph Archer), Kindred (dir. Ali Kurr) and Rottweiler (dir. John Powell).

They will be screened at a red-carpet event at the ODEON BFI IMAX in London in early 2020, with industry professionals and National Youth Film Academy members in attendance.

Solvi tells the story of a Danish warrior, living in Saxon England, who tries to convince her fellow villagers to flee their homes, due to the threat of an imminent Viking raid.

Kindred follows a group of friends the day after a wake.

Rottweiler tells the story of a girl who wants to be free of her council estate life and run away to an idealised beach house, when her boyfriend is released from prison, she believes her dream will become a reality.

Emerging Brits Films

The short films were funded as part of the Emerging Brits Programme by the National Youth Film Academy.

The programme was created to showcase the best talent the UK Film Industry has to offer. Every 3 years the next generation of actors and filmmakers are selected to take part in a year-long guidance programme.

Solvi, Rottweiler and Kindred were filmed earlier this year by members who are currently on the programme.

More information about the Emerging Brits programme can be found on our website.

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