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ourscreen is the UK’s foremost on-demand cinema platform, revolutionising how you interact with your local cinema. The online platform aims to support the great work being done in cinemas across the country by empowering film fans and local communities to create and attend screenings of a vast range of films at their local cinema. Anyone can purchase tickets and seamlessly create, publish, and promote their own cinematic experiences at a time and cinema of their choosing. This is People Powered Cinema!

ourscreen continues to roll out across the UK and is now available in a total of 80 cinemas in 44 cities including: Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Derby, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Southampton, and York.

ourscreen is where film fans can control their local cinema. In three easy steps (pick a film – decide where and when – share your screening), we’re all able to create film screenings, for either just our friends, or anybody who wants to come. There are already over 400 films on the platform, ranging from recent hits like A United Kingdom, to foreign language masterpieces like Jules et Jim, to classics such as Raging Bull.

If enough people book tickets the screening happens.

This is people-powered cinema.

UK based ourscreen launched in a test phase at seven cinemas, Spring 2014. The first ever successful screening was UK indie-horror The Borderlands. Other highlights include over 30 fan-powered screenings of Northern Soul and What We Do In The Shadows respectively, countless birthday parties, Q&As and event screenings, exclusive ourscreen releases of films such as White Island and Meru, the UK’s first ever people-powered-preview programme, for Hunt For The Wilderpeople, and the world’s first people-powered premiere, for football documentary Next Goal Wins.

ourscreen offers a quick and easy way to make the cinema yours, whether you are a film fan, a school group, a local business or anyone who wants to enjoy a great film in an amazing cinema.

ourscreen will continue to expand across the UK with more films and cinemas being added on a regular basis.

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