The British Film Industry- Blooming, Booming and Breaking investment record

The British Film Industry is on the rise! 

Breaking into the film industry can seem daunting, especially from a graduate’s position. But, in contrast to the doom and gloom you’re probably used to by now, here’s some bloom and boom.

In light of a recent Guardian article, we can now safely bring you the facts and figures to prove that the UK is the place to be for aspiring filmmakers and actresses. Recent figures show that the British film industry production spending has risen by 12% year-on-year to a record £1.9b! Which, according to the BFI, is the highest since records began.

The film industry is flourishing in the UK and there couldn’t be a better time for fresh-out-of-uni’ers to begin their exciting journey into film. Whether it’s our highly skilled workforce, film tax-breaks or our delightful British scenery- the film-hoards are flocking to the UK… Whatever we’re doing, we’re doing it right.

Did you know that 4 of the 5 top box-office films last year were based in the UK? Yeah, that’s right The Last Jedi, Beauty and the Beast, Dunkirk and Paddington 2 were all home-grown here in Britain, right next to our lovely carrots and parsnips. More and more bigger Hollywood productions are choosing our tea-drinking nation as a base, which ultimately means they’re looking for more and more tea-drinkers to join the crew.

If you don’t believe that the British film industry is blossoming that much I dare you to go check out our list of job vacancies that we are racking up on our website.

We can’t continue the bloom without YOU holding the boom.

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