The Advice That ALMOST Made Her Quit

The Advice That ALMOST Made Her Quit

It’s baffling to believe our Bafta-winning British actress was knocked back before she filled us with pride.

Mulligan’s interest in acting sparked from watching her older brother perform in a school production of The King and I, Mulligan begged teachers to allow her to be in the chorus and from there she was heavily involved in theatre during school.

Mulligan’s parents disapproved of Carey’s ambitions to be an actress, hoping that she might change course and attend university like her brother. However Mulligan went against their wishes and applied for drama school. “It was the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done,” she said about sending in her applications. Mulligan was rejected from every drama school she applied to, with Drama Centre London telling her to “be a children’s TV show presenter” and to “get more experience”. Haven’t we all heard that before? Mulligan described the auditions as “horrendous” and “torture.”

During her final year at school, Mulligan asked actor/screenwriter Julian Fellowes for advice on an acting career, after he delivered a lecture on the film Gosford Park. Fellowes deterred her attention and suggested she “marry a lawyer instead”. VERY useful advice for a young woman.

This couldn’t stop a determined Mulligan from pursuing her dreams, as she wrote to Fellowes – who then invited her to a young-aspiring actors dinner, where she would meet the casting assistant for Pride and Prejudice.

Within the next few years Mulligan worked as a barmaid between acting jobs, and made her big breakthrough as the leading role of Jenny, in the 2009 independent film An Education, earning her an academy nomination aged 25.

Never give up.

By Lois-Amber Toole

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