Audition Attire: Five Quick Tips

Audition Attire: Five Quick Tips

For both male and female performers, deciding what to wear to an audition can sometimes be daunting. It can be difficult to judge whether you should be formal, casual, or somewhere in between. It can also be hard to choose an outfit that may reflect your own personality, while not being distracting or obviously clashing with the role you are going for.

However, help is at hand! With a bit of forward planning and a positive attitude, you can select an outfit that is relaxed yet professional, appropriate and comfortable. Browse the tips below to get started.

Don’t Go In Character

While there are no set rules for audition dressing, it is generally accepted that there is no need to dress as the character you are auditioning for, unless you are specifically asked to do so. If you are auditioning for a role in Oliver! the musical, do not feel like you have to wear something Victorian! A top to toe character look is unlikely to be necessary. With that being said, however, it can be helpful not to dress as the exact opposite of your character too. If you are playing a teenager, don’t be tempted to audition in a corporate style suit, for example. If you are auditioning for the role of a professional character, ripped jeans and a punk t-shirt may also be a little distracting. The key is to select a neutral, undistracting outfit that flatters your body type and is unlikely to clash with any character role.

Balancing Formal and Casual

While a pair of jeans may not be suitable for an interview, a clean, great fitting pair of jeans may be perfect for an audition. With a comfortable, modest top that you can move freely in, this can be the perfect balance between formal and casual.


Heels are acceptable at auditions as long as they are sturdy and do not impede your movement in any way. Flat shoes, formal shoes, and smart trainers will also be acceptable and will feel light and comfortable.

Minimal accessories

Wearing very few accessories is a good idea for both men and women. A neat pair of earrings, a watch or a belt are all acceptable, however, and can add a bit of personality to your look. Hair and makeup should also be fresh and simple, allowing your natural features to show through.

Read Any Instructions

Some auditions will have a dress code or some helpful advice. Be sure to double check and ask the organisers if you are unsure. Clean, well-fitting clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in will always be a winner. Smile, and allow yourself to shine!

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