Is A Career In Film Right For Me? Questions to Ask Yourself

Is A Career In Film Right For Me? Questions to Ask Yourself

A career in film can be varied, rewarding and exciting. It is a busy, ever-changing industry with lots of diversity and a wide range of roles from directing, writing, designing, editing, sound, marketing and more. But choosing to embark on a career can be a big step, and a “big break” may not happen overnight.

If you are considering a career in the film industry, why not ask yourself these helpful questions first?

What Are My Personal Qualities?

Considering your personality can be a good first step when considering any career. Personal qualities will vary from role to role within the film industry. Producers are often highly organised, excellent communicators, and good with budgets and figures, for example. Directors are often creative, energetic, and good leaders. Common to anyone in the film industry tends to be self-discipline, a proactive approach, and a genuine passion for film. If you feel you are determined, creative, and a good team player, then a career in film might be for you!

Is Film My Passion?

People often say “If you really love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This saying means that work that you love is never a burden or a chore, even if it needs lots of energy and commitment. People working in the film industry need to be especially dedicated because progress takes time and there can be a lot of competition. Consider if film is your genuine passion. Do you love to watch, study, and talk about films? Do you dream of making your own films and happily research and plan how to do it? Would you love the hustle and bustle of a set or working behind the scenes to ensure a film is as good as it can be? If the answer is yes and your passion is film, this could be a great career. Your passion will also help to keep you motivated, if at times, it becomes challenging.

Can I Balance My Time?

People working in the film industry often need to be able to balance their time well, as they may have to support themselves with a part-time job while they are finding work. Eventually, they usually all hope to work in film full-time, but until then, time management is an essential skill.

Would I Seek Further Training?

The film industry is very competitive. Training like courses, masterclasses, or relevant degrees can show your commitment and experience. Consider if you would be willing to undertake further training to get ahead in the film industry. Who knows, you could have a great career ahead!

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