Go Green! Environmentally-Friendly Filmmaking In London

Go Green! Environmentally-Friendly Filmmaking In London

Filmmaking can be an expensive business. Keeping costs down on productions is the subject of a number of articles, discussions and disagreements. However, it has also been noticed that filmmaking productions can have an impact on the environment too, and the two topics may be more closely related than you think. A new and innovative initiative in London named Green Screen is aiming to reduce the pollution and offset any environmental damage caused by productions.

Going Green

An environmentally-aware production will not only benefit the location of the production, it can help to keep costs down too. Did you know that the average sound department could save as many as 60 batteries by using rechargeable ones? Everyone needs to stay hydrated on set, and switching to water coolers instead of plastic bottles could cut the production’s water costs in half. They may seem like small changes overall, but considering that London is home to several major productions a year, the positive impact would soon become obvious.

Young Filmmakers

The young and up-and-coming generation of filmmakers have been praised as being especially environmentally conscious. Thanks to social media, YouTube, and other platforms, many young people and “millennials” are more acutely aware of social and environmental issues than ever before. With a high number of young people interested in pursuing careers in the arts and filmmaking, ensuring productions are “green” and environmentally safe could be the next big thing.

What Does Green Screen Do?

Supported by Creative Skillset and Film London, Green Screen aims to give filmmakers a simple and cost-effective environmental plan for their production. It is hoped overall that this will make the industry “greener” and more sustainable, especially considering its high energy usage. With simple but effective green filming tips and information, Green Screen wants to show that each production can take control of its costs and impact on the environment.

What’s In It For You?

You may have already read some of our earlier posts on how to budget for your film and keep production costs down. A greener and more sustainable production is often overlooked as a way to ensure your costs are low—and your conscience is clear! Not only that, but by submitting some information on your production to Green Screen, you might receive special recognition! If your green filming achievements are assessed as being positive and impressive, you will receive an officially certified Green Screen stamp. This can be used on all your promotional material and shows an audience and potential investors that you are environmentally responsible.

Check out the Green Screen website for further details and see if you can make your shoot environmentally friendly today!

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