Don’t Be Discouraged From A Career in Film and Television, Says BAFTA

Don’t Be Discouraged From A Career in Film and Television, Says BAFTA

A recent report has found that many young people feel discouraged from pursuing careers in the film industry, due to their perception that it is “who you know” rather than the talent or training that you have. Additional factors such as the fear of not being able to guarantee regular work or having to work for free for a long period of time is also adding to young people’s worries.

University Tuition Fees

The study, conducted by BAFTA, discovered that university tuition fees have meant that young people are more likely to consider courses that they feel will guarantee a job at the end. This often means that, although as many as 57% of young people are interested in working in the arts, film, television and gaming industries, they are less likely to pursue training in these subjects because they feel work will not be guaranteed.

Advice and Mentors

Even though studies indicate that upwards of 80,000 people are employed in the UK film and television industries, contributing billions to the British economy, careers guidance and advice on the industry remains relatively limited. Young people reported that the advice they had received on the industry from conventional careers guidance providers had been vague, limited, or had even actively dissuaded them. However, due to this awareness, many companies and institutions in the British film and television industry are now providing their own academies, masterclasses, and advice forums. The NYFA offers several masterclasses and courses that provide insights into the industry and tips for launching your career. The report indicated that training and advice given by working professionals and genuine experts is one of the most valuable things you can receive when starting out in the industry.


Happily, according to the report, talent is indeed the most important factor when it comes to finding work and progressing upwards in the film and television industries. While film and television can indeed be competitive, a combination of expert advice, work experience, training, and talent will help to ensure genuine diversity in the sector. The film industry is becoming more aware of the unique challenges it faces and seeks to encourage young people not to be discouraged from pursuing a career in film if they have talent, ability, and want to train and gain experience. Factors such as gender, ethnic background, and socio-economic status should not discourage anyone, and many official bodies in the industry are working hard to ensure equal opportunities.

The Solution

As talent and training have been identified as essential factors, young people have been advised to improve their craft, get work experience, and seek advice from experts.

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