Zak Russell Jones – National Youth Film Academy Review

Zak Russell Jones – National Youth Film Academy Review

Born Benjamin Russell Jones, Zak began his career dreaming of one day securing a role on Manchester’s biggest soap, Coronation Street. Since then, he has done everything he could possibly do to help him achieve his dream and earn a place among Manchester’s elite.

Zak attended the NYFA Summer course in 2014 in an attempt to further pursue his acting career. He is now 18 years old and he is not only still involved with the NYFA, he is now one of our course leaders as well as the Sales Manager at our headquarters in Newcastle.

Zak still hasn’t given up his dream of becoming an actor and we believe that he is in exactly the right place to do just that. The NYFA has given Zak skills he could never have dreamed of one day possessing, such as the ability to present a web based show, it has given him hands on experience that he would not get anywhere else as well as a lot of marketing skills should he, however unlikely, decide to change his dream and go in to sales.

We decided to conduct a small interview with Zak, in which we asked Zak how he originally heard about the NYFA course. He replied ‘I found out about the NYFA course through a leaflet that was sent to my drama group. One day we were forced to open it and I thought ‘go on then’ and I happened to stumble onto the NYFA advert and the rest is history!’

We then went on to talk about exactly what it was that attracted Zak to the NYFA: ‘What attracted me to the NYFA was the opportunity to get hands on and see exactly what it was like to be on a film set. Of course, the opportunities that came once you become a member also’.

Then we moved on to the course itself and what how enjoyable Zak actually found it. We asked him to tell us exactly how he feels about the course and what it has done for his career one year after completion. Zak said ‘The course was the best experience I’ve had, ever! It secured my thoughts on wanting to become a professional actor.

The NYFA has helped my career incredibly, the company gave me the opportunity to be seen by some of the biggest agents in the UK and I am now represented by Shane Collins Associates. I owe my success to the NYFA.’

So Zak seems to be very happy with the NYFA and all that they it has done for him and his career. The final question we asked was whether or not he would recommend the course to anybody. He replied ‘I would 100% recommend the NYFA to any aspiring actor and filmmaker, you’ll have no experience like it and you are surrounded by people that want the same thing!’

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