Rachel Stockdale

Rachel Stockdale

Rachel Stockdale is an aspiring actress from Middlesbrough and she took part in the NYFA summer course last year in an attempt to reinvigorate her acting career. She attended university to follow her dreams a few years ago but she ended up working at a hospital without being able to act for over a year. Fortunately, the NYFA offered her the chance to get back in to her passion. Here is what she told us what she has been doing after the course:

‘I was Queen Victoria’s Maid in ‘The Black Prince’, a feature film coming out January 2016, and I’ve been a supernumerary in ‘A View from the Bridge’ directed by David Thacker at the Bolton Octagon. I’ve also had some funding from the Arc for my fictional comedy ‘Coal Girls’, based around the Housewives of the Pitmen Painters, which paid for a full research and development week to write and develop the play, which I co-wrote and directed with Ashleigh Sinclair, featuring some original Geordie folk songs. I am hoping to develop it further at the end of the year.

I’m coming to the end of my MA in Professional Acting at ALRA North, so we have just filmed two short films, futuristic ‘Zeds’ in which I was Number 6 and ‘Food for Thought’ in which I was Elle.

I’m currently rehearsing ‘1984,’ playing Syme and Prole Woman 1, which is a community tour travelling to Oldham Library, the Kings Arms in Manchester, Slaithwaite, UCLan, Staffordshire Uni and the Mill at the Pier in Wigan. I have my acting Showcase at the Manchester Royal Exchange and Soho Theatre in London on the 5th and 6th of October and I’ve also just been cast as Peter/Emily in ‘Earthquakes in London’ my final production at ALRA.’

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