Jo Tripp

Jo Tripp

Joanna, or Jo as she likes to be called by her peers, is a young actress who attended our course in Summer 2015. Joanna spent much of her life coping with the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but over the past few years she has decided to dedicate her time to her acting career. She has played many roles ranging from a WWI nurse to what she considers to be her biggest challenge, an American. Let’s see what she had to say…

“When I turned up at the NYFA I was nervous and unsure of what to expect as someone who had no previous film experience whatsoever. As an actor I got my first look of what happens behind the camera and was challenged to jump right in with my involvement in the project, making mistakes along the way, I was guided through the stages of pre-production through to post giving me new found respect for the roles and individual skill set each person brought to the table.

When the time came for me to have my turn in front of the camera my nerves did get the better of me, but with the support I received, as well as the eventual kick up the backside, I overcame my nerves to get on with the job at hand. Although my inexperience is clear (at least to me), I am pleased with the contribution I made to the film, and I’m proud of everything our team did to bring together a film that we all felt so passionately about.

At the start of the ten days I never would have guessed that I would grow to feel so close to people I had known for such a short period of time; the hard work and, at times, stress, forming a bond that has lasted beyond the two week course and the long distances between us all.

All in all, I found it to be a fantastic learning experience in an open and supportive environment giving me confidence and familiarity with the process of film making. Surrounded by wonderful people and terrible food, I had a truly amazing time.”

Thank you very much to Joanna for sending us this, very much appreciated.

Good luck for your career and we hope to see you at the Oscars in the not too distant future.

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