Clara Bennathan – National Youth Film Academy Review

Clara Bennathan – National Youth Film Academy Review

Clara is a 17 year old Londoner at the moment but she will be a Parisian very soon as she heads over to France to study mime and movement under the atelier of Etienne Decroux. Here is her take on the NYFA course:

The NYFA course was suggested to me by a friend who had done it two years previously. I decided to audition largely because I was fed up of the stuffy hierarchical bits of work I was getting at home (always bitter, often splenetic ageing independent film makers…). Essentially I wanted to get to work with excited young people!

The course thankfully was exactly that – it had a sense of being a sort of happy creative commune. Everyone brought their unique background and unique experience to one place and for one reason, meaning that we became a concentrated yet diverse pool of knowledge and creativity – one of the simplest yet most fruitful and nurturing resources. Everyone was interested in what everyone else was doing in a challenging and motivating but never jealous or competitive way. It was a wonderful feeling; if I learnt nothing else, I learnt that whatever happens, film has an incredibly bright future ahead of it.

I think the course can help someone’s career as much as they want it to – we were taught the

technicalities of how to navigate the industry and we formed connections with our own up and coming generation. Simply put, we have been given the perfect toolkit, all we have to do is use it. I would recommend the course to young people wanting to get on in the film industry purely because you can’t make a film on your own: go meet people, have fun, learn something and most importantly; make something! 

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